Personal Post!

Today was my first day back to public school after 8 months of home school.  It was… boring.  To be honest, it was great.  However, it was pretty boring.

Let’s focus on the positive first, yeah?  Well, the best things about it were I found all of my classes, wasn’t late to any of them, my locker is in the place I know best of the school (it’s a BIG school) and I made it through without any drama.

The classes in the school I am attending are in no specific order down the hallways.  As you walk down, you could see room C211, C324 and C 206 all right next to each other. So, if I get lost, there’s no just following the room numbers to find my way.  I have to ask somebody (which a lot of students at that school surprisingly don’t know where any of the classrooms are) or wander around with a pocket of hope.  So, I’m grateful that I didn’t have a problem with finding any of those classes and I wasn’t late to any of them.

I sat quietly in all of my classes, said hi to people who said it to me, smiled at people who smiled at me, but I did not initiate any conversations with anybody.  I’m really going to play it safe this year and avoid all drama (if possible).  I did get on a first name basis with a few girls in Aerobics, which is good since that class will be very interactive and such, but other than that, I made zero friends today.  Know what?  I’m okay with that.  I prefer that.  No friends is better than a lot of friends and a lot of drama.  I’m not saying I won’t eventually make friends, but I’m definitely going to give it time to make sure that the friends I do make are the right ones.

Now, for the negatives.  Actually… why does there need to be explanation on the negatives?  To be honest, there weren’t many negatives of today.  It was just really boring and kind of dull, but I guess I’d really prefer that over too much to handle!  Right?  The only negative thing I will say about today, is I have a very bad feeling about my guitar class.  I’m already the most obvious slow one in the class and I already have a huge (and extremely painful) blister on my thumb from strumming. I will definitely do my best, though.  I really would love to learn another instrument.

So, that was my first day… tomorrow I have 4 more classes and they’re the closest things to academics (only one of them is a technical academics- it’s a math class) so it might be the slightest bit difficult, but it’ll probably fly by like today.  I have to say, taking mostly electives for your classes is quite relaxing.

I’ll see you Wednesday for Favorite Song Of The Week.