A Little Review

In my previous post, I informed you of my purchases at Sephora.  I got a plum lip liner and a rouge lipstick from their store brand and also got the Bare Escentuals SPF 15 Matte foundation.  Today I used all three items along with a little blush, bronzer, eyeliner and mascara.

First, the lip liner.  I purchased Pleasant Plum lip liner by Sephora.  I absolutely loved this product!  It went on very smoothly and made it easy to create a precise line.  It was also a nice color to outline red lips, as it blended in a bit but also gave a bit of depth to the look.

Second, the lipstick.  I purchased Sephora Rouge by Sephora.  This is my favorite lip stick/color ever.  It’s such a buildable product and can go from a tinted gloss look to a deep, formal matte look.

Third, the foundation.  I purchased Bare Escentuals SPF 15 Matte foundation from Sephora.   I adore this foundation.  Although I will have to continue use with it before I decide if it’s going to be in my everyday routine, I love it so far.  It didn’t cover up my freckles or blemishes, but I wasn’t wearing concealar today and that’s not a foundation’s job.  It did however smooth out my coloring and create a slightly flawless look.  It didn’t settle into my face lines and make me look ten years older than I am like my old cheap Cover Girl liquid foundation did.  It just sat on top of my skin in a light and smooth layer without actually looking like it was on top of my skin.  It simply made me look like I wasn’t wearing any foundation at all and had marvelously healthy, glowing, natural skin.  It was quite wonderful!  Some reviews on Bare Minerals did say that it broke them out.  Most reviews actually said that Bare Minerals helped clear many breakouts.  So, I really need to wait a couple of weeks to see what my overall opinion on it is because you never know, I could be one of the people negatively effected by it.  After all, I do have very sensitive skin.

So anyways!  Here is two pictures I took today with the look.  The pictures do show a pretty good idea of the lip color.  It is a bit more wine-red than that, but the flash on the camera brought out orange tones.   Also, I did edit these photos, but the only thing I edited was my skin because I’m having quite a few breakout spots right now.  My eye color and the lipstick are 100% un-edited.

Click on the photos for enlargement and better clarity.

See you next time!