My Fitness Plan

tumblr_my4d2ghYwi1sz5en0o1_500Hi everyone, I’ve dedicated this page to keep track of some of my goals and rewards in regards to fitness.

I have recently decided that next semester I want to take some dance classes. To do so I’d like to regain the flexibility I once had, but I’m not good at stretching. I get bored very easily and give up. That’s why most of the workouts I do always include toning and weight training because I have to be involved and active to do those. So, I’ve come up with a system for two things I’d like to improve greatly on: stretching and running.
I’ve decided to throw running into the mix because I’ve always tried to become a runner but time and time again I fail. Obviously I do have a desire to do it though…because I always start trying again.

Please don’t make fun of me or judge me for where I am at now. I am not ashamed of the shape I’m in, but it still does hurt to be judged. I am a very fit and active person, there are just some specific areas in fitness that I avoid and I decided it’s time to face my demons and master them as I have with some other fitness activities!

Now, before anyone reads my reward system, please know that I am doing this for myself and not for you, so if this seems extreme to you that’s okay. It seems like something that will work for me, and I’m the one doing it. I understand that these are some big rewards for such small things to other people, but since I rarely to never do them, I think these will motivate me well. Also. As my fitness improves I will be making my reward requirements a lot bigger. Since I have never ran a full straight mile, I’m giving myself a big reward for doing so. But after the second or third time I’ve done it, I will come change the detail on this page to a higher amount of running to get that prize again. Same with the stretching. Since I never stretch, I want to really push myself to do so…therefore the reward. The more often I stretch though, the easier it will be for me to complete that hour that I require for the reward. So again, I will make myself do a longer amount of time for that to get the reward.

My rewards all relate to fitness clothing because I currently have a lot of it, but just in bad shape or old styles. I really do like feeling really cute and motivated in some new workout gear. It pushes me and boosts my confidence. So, I’d like to reward myself for achieving this workout goals with some new gear to motivate myself even more. It’s a constant cycle, and I know this will work for me.

Also.. I will be keeping track of what I owe myself on here and when I go shopping for my rewards, I will do a haul on my main page! I hope that some of you will enjoy seeing my progress. Thanks for reading and not judging.


1 Mile walked & ran: One workout item of choice: Pants, shorts, jacket, shirt, etc.

1 Mile completely ran: Pair of Nikes.

2 Hours of stretching: One smaller workout item of choice: Sports bra, pack of socks, water bottle, headphones, headbands, etc.

ULTIMATE GOAL Complete my splits: One full workout outfit; headband, sports bra, shirt, jacket, underwear, pants & Nikes.


What I owe myself: One workout jacket, One sports bra, Pack of socks, a nice headband

Stretching completed: 11 minutes (I will start this over each time I complete two hours)

I love comments!

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