Christmas Eve 2013

Hi! Merry Christmas Eve or Happy Holidays.

I apologize for today’s post being a day late! I promised everyone Mondays and Thursdays, but sometimes there just isn’t any time in the day so it has to be postponed a bit.

My weekend was a blur, I don’t even remember much of what I did. For the first time in my life the week leading up to Christmas FLEW by and I am so surprised that it’s in less than a few hours now!

I did paint my nails a few times this week, but I forgot to take pictures when they were fresh and then I went to work where I use my hands a lot and we also use bleach, so they get chipped every time. I will try to develop the habit of taking a picture right after I’ve done them for my blog. Howeverrrr, I just painted my nails a little bit ago today and I did take pictures! I painted my toenails last night to match, but I didn’t want a picture of my feet on the internet…some weirdos are out there and just..yeah. So, I wanted to do a Christmas theme for my nails this year but when I went to pick my colors, I realized that I was trying too hard. Part of my personality is that I try way too hard with everything and it makes me come off annoying and like I’m trying too hard. For once I realized I just wanted to seem kinda perfect with some perfect Christmas nails and a nice outfit while I’m with my family tomorrow, but that’s not what would actually make me happy. So, I went with one of my favorite colors and just did something pretty that did make me happy! Who cares that my nails don’t look like Christmas! I used Lady Like by Essie & The Statement Piece by Loreal. Sorry for the weird photo locations of the nail polish bottles; I just had to find a random spot that the camera would pick up the best image of their true color.




Today has been a great Christmas Eve so far, except for the fact that I have developed a cold. I am grateful that it’s not strep throat, though. That’s what I thought it was when my throat first started hurting two nights ago. This morning my boyfriend came over for a couple of hours to hang out with me and my family. He brought along our hamster, Delilah, and we put her in her roll-around ball so my sister could play with her. Then I made 4 cookie sheets worth of cookies for family tomorrow. Now I’ve just gotten done painting my nails! After I wrap up this post I’m going to go clean, fold laundry, and wrap one more gift. Tomorrow will be such an amazing day with all of my family and my sweet Kasey. I am so excited to spend time with everyone together and for everyone to open all of the gifts I picked out for them.

Again, Merry Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate that holiday, just have a great day and holiday season in general.


December 19 2013


When I changed up my nail polish, I went with something simple. I had planned to use the metallic that Kasey bought me, but I had to take off my acrylics that were getting really old and then I was exhausted from that process and just went with a simple, quick color. This is one of my all time favorites; Go Overboard by Essie.


As for exercise, I got a personal sickness a few days ago and I’ve been too uncomfortable to do anything extreme. I’ve just been sticking to some stretches, sit-ups, and push-ups. Otherwise my week has been going great! I only have a little bit of Christmas shopping left to do tomorrow, and I can’t believe Christmas itself is less than a week away! I’m so excited. 

Today I am just relaxing all day inside with my boyfriend, since it’s extremely snowy outside. We were going to go see the lights downtown tonight, but due to the snow, we have pushed that to next week when the weather has settled down a bit. 

I wish I had more to say but this week has been a quiet one and the rest of it looks like it will be the same thing. Hopefully this weekend something exciting happens so I can share it with you all on Monday!

Bye, have a blessed day. ♥

December 16 2013


So this past weekend I painted my nails with a new nailpolish; Lots of Lux by Essie. It was one of my Christmas presents from Kasey. ♡ The photos I have don’t show all the different elements of shimmer that it really has, but here’s the link to it on Essie’s own page.



I didn’t do that well of a paint job because I wasn’t in good lighting. Anyways, this is one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen. I’m going to take it off soon though because it needs to be something I wear for occasions- it’s too busy of a color to me to be wearing all the time.

When I take this manicure off I’m going to use the other nail polish from Kasey! It’s a metallic and it’s gorgeous.

My workout plans for this week consist of trying to get back on my Blogilates plan again. I printed out the 4 week beginners plan the other week and got a good 4 days into it, but finals week came up and I had no time for anything but studying! 😦 So I want to start again on day 5 and try to get that habit going again. I’m really liking pilates. I love working out in general, but I’ve found that pilates is the perfect balance of everything I love to do when working out! So this plan that I’m doing is very fun for me. It’s a 6 day a week plan with each day focused on a different body part.

As for just regular plans, I’m just working and hanging out with Kasey. On Friday I get paid so that’s exciting…I get to finish up my Christmas shopping! I’m also starting a goal of having my hair look perfect all day this entire week. I know I put my hair through too much but it’s just the biggest thing that makes me feel good and confident throughout the day. I don’t care what other people think, I care what I think; when my hair is perfect I feel put together and like I can have a clean and organized day. I have such a bad habit of putting my hair up whenever I’m at home or sleeping in through any time I have to do it and the rest of the day I just feel gross and lazy. So hopefully this helps!

Hope your week goes well and have a blessed day.

Back to blogging! Hopefully :)

The past few weeks have been awesome. For one week, Kasey, my boyfriend, was out of town. He went to the beach with some of his family that lives out of state. That was hard, it was a very long and boring week. But I got through it. Now that he’s home, everything’s great again!

Yesterday in particular was a great day. He picked me up in the morning and surprised me with roses. The entire day he was surprising me with my favorite foods, we watched my favorite movie, and he even sang to me for a while. The entire day was great and so many awesome things happened. I have so much fun with him all of the time. He’s perfect. *sigh*

Today, I’ve painted my nails, gotten ready, and spent a bit of time with my mom. My family is going to my dad’s company party at the zoo today! I’m the least biggest fan of the zoo because it’s hot and stinky and I’ve seen those animals enough. Haha. But, I think it will be fun because my little sister loves the zoo to death, and it will be good to spend some time with my family and my dad’s company.

My only plans for the next little while consist of three things:

1) get through training this next week for the promotion I got at work to cake decorater/maker. I am so incredibly excited about the new work I’ll be doing and I think it’s going to open a lot of doors for me, but I’m also nervous because I’ve seen what my coworkers have to go through for it and it’s a very overwhelming job.

2) get prepared for college this year. I’m not taking many classes but boy am I nervous for the accounting class I’m taking. It’s my favorite subject in the world and I love it to death…but the work involved in a college level class for it is scary! I don’t know what I’m in for.

and finally….

3) enjoying the last little bit of my summer. This summer has been the best one yet for me and I am getting so bummed out that it’s almost August. BUT! I need to be positive and just think of it as one whole more month of having fun and no real schedule! I am excited for organization and structure in my life when school starts, but I’m going to be very sad when I don’t have as much time for the other things that make me happy. So I am ready to make the rest of this summer count! 🙂

That’s all for today, hopefully I’m done being a weirdo with my blogging schedule and this time I’ll really stay on track with posts.

See yah 🙂

I’m Back!


I will be back to blogging regularly about my new life experiences and fun hobbies. I wasn’t feeling it for a while, but I miss sharing with my readers.

Today I repainted my nails. I’ve been really into painting them for a few months now; I’ve gotten into nail art, too. Today was just a simple paint job with my Seche Vite base coat, Dreamer by Revlon, and my Sechie Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (Photo above). I really love it! I want to invest in some more bright and daring colors for spring and summer.

Till next time!

Beyond Sorry.

Life gets in the way sometimes.  I have gone missing from my blog time and time again.  Just know that it’s never permanent and I’ll show back up as soon as I can.  Sometimes things just come up though and there’s no room for the luxuries (ie- blogging!).  I will try to get back into routine posts, starting Monday with the usual Personal Post.

See you soon. 🙂