Happy New Year!

Hi! I hope your NYE and NYD were wonderful. ūüôā

On Monday night when I blogged I said that I would be adding something else to my current Manicure for NYE. Here’s what I added. It didn’t turn out as well as I would’ve liked because A) I’ve never done an ombre manicure before and B) ombre is HARD with a chunky glitter…it can get messy and go where you don’t want it.


So anyways, my New Years Eve was really fun! I spent the day with Kasey, and we had so much fun! We went to a really cute restaraunt for lunch and shared a tiny bowl of pasta and then we got desserts, coffee, and iced tea. It was the sweetest date I’ve ever been on! Then we went to a friend’s house and all of our friends and us played board games. After that, we went to a pizzeria for dinner and then headed back to Kaseys house for the rest of the night. We watched Kick Ass 2 and then went to watch the countdown show for midnight. It was so fun and Kasey was officially my first NYE kiss…. ūüôā

On NYD, I spent the first half of the day relaxing and not doing much while Kasey was at work. Then we went over to one of his family friend’s house for a big hangout and DELICIOUS dinner. It was pretty fun! After that Kasey and I went home, watched some TV, he went for a run and I did pilates, and then I came home to just relax and have a long night’s sleep.

Today has been a great day as well. Today is my baby sister’s third birthday. I woke up kind of late but then I went straight to her room and spent a few hours with her, ate lunch with her and my mom, and then went for a run! I am not a runner. I never have been. I’ve always wanted to be a runner but it is literally the hardest thing for me and I can’t run even a straight mile. However I just have to practice and keep at it and I know that so this time I’m going to really try to push myself to be able to run normal distances and for some easy exercise. So after my run, I went to my room and deep cleaned everything. I normally keep things clean every day but I get bad at keeping things sanitized, which is more important in my opinion. I get lazy with sweeping and mopping and washing my bedding and such. So I did all that while listening to some music and now I’m here! I’ve really enjoyed today so far, and I’m following one of my NY’s resolutions really well today. It is to never waste a day. Although today is my baby sis’s birthday and there’s not much to do and I’m not wearing makeup or going anywhere, I still did some really productive things today. So that makes me feel good.

This weekend as usual I don’t have many plans. Tomorrow I am spending some time with Kasey and then we are all having Morgana’s birthday party. Saturday I’m working a 9 hour shift and Sunday I’m working an 8 hour shift. So I won’t have much time to do anything exciting. I will be doing my nails tomorrow and probably again on Sunday. I will be back after the weekend to tell you my plans for the week and how life is going!

Have a blessed day, see you Monday.

Personal Post!


Today was a very good day.¬† I got four assignments done for a certain class (on a good day I can get two done) and also finished another class!¬† I just have to take that class’s final.¬† I’m not looking forward to that.¬† I also drank over 8 glasses of water!¬† Yay for me!

Yesterday I promised you pictures from Mo’s party!¬† I’m just going to put my favorites on here, but you can find all of the photos on the Facebook page for my photography.¬†Click on any of the photos for increased quality and larger size.


“Happy birthday to you…”

Beautiful birthday girl.


The three kiddos at the party.¬† There were also 7 or 8 adults there, too.¬†¬†Didn’t photograph them, though.

The party was pretty fun.  I really enjoyed seeing Mo attack the cake!  Did I mention she got it on the dining room walls? HAHA!

On another note, I’m going¬†for a run tomorrow morning.¬† I’m quite nervous.¬† I haven’t gone running in a long time and to be honest I haven’t exercised in over a week…¬†*hangs head* I¬†made a new schedule for myself¬†for 20 weeks.¬† Over those¬†20 weeks¬†I’m going to increase how much¬†I run everyday (well, every day that¬†I¬†run) and end up running a half marathon!¬† On my own… not for an actual half marathon.¬† I know running is really good for you though, and I want¬†it to be a part of my¬†regular fitness routine.¬† I’m going to do this.¬† I have tried so many times¬†before to get back into running but I always give up.¬† This¬†time¬†I will do it. I can do it!¬† I’m a new person this year and I don’t give up anymore. ūüôā Tehe.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I have to say today, there’s not too much news over here.¬† See you Wednesday for my favorite song of the week!

Christmas Photos, Haul, Personal Stuff


If you have read my about page, you know that I have set days that I’m supposed to blog certain things.¬† Well, just a heads up, that blogging schedule will not happen until the January 1st, 2012.¬† Until then, I’m going to be a bit messy with my posts as there is quite a few things preventing me from being able to follow the schedule.¬† Keep that in mind!

I promised you all Christmas pictures, right?  Well, first let me tell you how Christmas went down.

  • Woke up, spilled half a tub of coffee all over the kitchen floor.¬† Have I mentioned I had an extremely clutzy gene on Christmas?
  • Opened presents under the tree.¬† It was Momo’s first Christmas, and she did really well with unwrapping her gifts.¬† I received my Canon PowerShoot SX130IS, a case and a memory card.¬† Because I had just barely opened it, I didn’t really know the settings or workings, so I didn’t get much pictures of Christmas morning.
  • I spent a while fiddling around with my camera and studying the settings and controls.
  • Got dressed, flat ironed my hair, did makeup (all that girly shtuff) and then packed for Nana’s.¬† (I sound like a ten year old when I talk about staying over at my grandmother’s.)
  • Went to Nana’s.
  • Spent time with family.
  • Ate a yummy Christmas feast.
  • Spent more time with family.
  • Opened more presents.¬† Received a Sephora gift card for $50 from my grandparents, an adorable ring from my aunt, the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from my other aunt and $25 in cash from my great-grandfather.
  • Ate some pie.
  • Hung out with family some more.
  • Went to bed.

That was my Christmas Day!¬† It was pretty fun.¬† It strangely didn’t feel as festive as Christmas usually does, though.

Anyways!¬† Here’s a few pictures I took on Christmas morning and then a little later before I headed off to Nana’s.¬† By the way, you can click any of the¬†photos¬†for a larger image and clearer quality.¬† Also, Espoir Photography is my photography company and you may not use any of my photos without consent.¬† You can find my company Facebook page here.


My Christmas Day outfit: (I apologize for the very dirty mirror.)  I wore just a long sleeved black shirt, a black scarf, a black belt, blue jeans and black Nike snow boots.  I have no idea where I got any of it.

 All photos taken with a Canon SX130IS.

Then, I ended up going shopping at Sephora on the 26th (day after Christmas and Boxing Day for the UK, Australia and Canada if I am correct) with my aunt.¬† Here’s a little haul of what I got!

Bag that my gift card and samples came in.  I love their bags, so classy and small!

¬†First sample.¬† Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash.¬† I used it Christmas night.¬† I thought it was fabulous, it got my face really clean and refreshed.¬† The next morning I noticed that it had broke me out like crazy.¬† Never using the stuff again.¬† I’m disappointed because at first I thought this stuff was wonderful and I was prepared to buy the full product right away.

Second sample. Dior Homme perfume.  I am wearing it right now!  I love it so much!  At first, I sprayed it on, smelled it, and almost threw up.  It smelled like a mix of wonderful perfume, cucumbers and tomato acid.  If that even makes sense.  After it dried though, it was absolutely marvelous.  I love the smell a lot and might have to buy a whole bottle when my sample runs out!

This was the box my gift card came in!  On the left is the card.  On the right was an awesome compact mirror!  Most amazing gift card ever!  So fancy!

What did I buy at Sephora?…..this:

and this…

¬†and this…

The first item was a waterproof lip liner by Sephora¬†(I normally don’t like their brand, just a few brands they carry in the store, but I tested these two lip items and LOVED them!) It was in the shade Pleasant Plum.

This picture isn’t very good, but¬†the color of this lip liner is¬†almost exactly the color it looks like in this picture.¬† I would have swatched it, but I don’t like wasting lip liner at all.

The second item was a lipstick by Sephora.¬† I fell in complete, outrageous, lovely love with this lipstick when I tested it.¬† It’s so buildable and with a little bit of it can pass a really classy and everyday red-coral, but add some more and it turns into a very romantic and deep red.¬† It’s the perfect red, I swear.¬† It’s in the shade of Sephora Rouge.

This picture shows the exact shade of it in the tube.

Here’s Sephora Rouge’s swatch.¬† I could not get a good photo.¬† I’m going to have to definitely work on good quality swatch photos with this camera.¬† The color in this photo is almost perfect though, it’s just a bit more of a wine color than that.

The third item was Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals matte SPF 15 foundation.

I got it in shade Light.¬† I have been wanting this foundation for a very long time.¬† A few of my close friends use it religiously.¬† I love matte foundations, powder foundations, and of course, foundations that have lots of SPF.¬† So, this is the perfect foundation for me.¬† I¬†hope.¬† I’m going to try it tomorrow morning, along with the new lip liner and lip-stick I got.

So with that, I will probably be testing all of these products out thoroughly tomorrow!  If I do, I will of course take photos and do a follow-up review.

That is all for tonight!  This blog post took me an hour to write, upload & edit.  Phew!  Blogging is hard work.

Another update tomorrow, I hope!  See you later!