New Year’s Day

Happy New Year’s!  I hope everybody had a safe night last night and your hangovers aren’t too bad.  I spent the night by first watching Star Wars (original episode 4) with my dad while eating lime & salt popcorn (yummy) and drinking a Strawberry Daquiri Sobe (if you’ve never heard of the drink, there is no alcohol in it.  Don’t worry.  It is my favorite store bought beverage ever).  It was a lot of fun!  Then, we played the game Elder Sign.  Kinda geeky, but I really like those kind of games and they’re my dad’s biggest hobby.  So it was fun!  That was my New Year’s night.

Just to let you know- I am adding in a blogging day for each week.  Sunday is going to be Movie Review day.  Each week this year (unless I am prevented during certain weeks for personal reasons) I will do one movie review.  At the beginning of each month, I will make a list of 4 movies for the month, and on each Sunday, I will review a movie!  Stay tuned until the end of this post for a few reviews I’ve already got done.

For New Year’s Day today, we had my baby sister, Momo’s first birthday party.  Her birthday is actually tomorrow, but it’s hard to have a party on a Monday.  A lot of family and family-friends came over, kids played, adults talked, and then we had cake.  She ripped into that cake so good!  She had it EVERYWHERE on her and on the walls in the dining room!  Everyone else had red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (so. good.) and Neapolitan ice cream.  Morgana got a picture with a poem from me, a rocking horse from Nan+Pops, a sippy cup from an aunt and clothes from another aunt and uncle.  It was a good party.  My mom did good cooking for that party so props to her!  I was the party photographer, of course.  I will probably have some pictures up tomorrow for my “Personal Post” (Check out my about page to see my weekly blogging schedule.)

Speaking of New Years, I have a few things to say about this year.  2011 was a horrible year for me.  It was wonderful in many ways, but I went through a very personal and difficult time and it denoted 2011 as awful.  2012 is a fresh start.  Each month I am going to make a goal for myself (personal goals- not anything I’ll be posting on here) and hopefully by 2013, I will have achieved a lot and brought myself back up to 100% as a person.  I am already a more positive person today and I’m doing my best to be extremely optimistic, kind and happy.  I also have a new mindset when it comes to relaxing.  My new thing is that I do not get to relax if I have things to do.  I can’t go to bed unless that laundry’s folded.  I can’t blog until I’ve gotten the sweeping done.  I can’t eat another cupcake until I’ve worked out.  You get the idea.  If I have a chore or obligation to be done, I can’t do anything fun or relaxing until it’s finished.  I’m hoping this will help me to get rid of any procrastinating gene left in my body.  Also, in my blog schedule, you might notice one thing on Friday’s post- it says “weekly picture.”  I’m pretty excited for this.  Unless for some reason I can’t blog on a certain Friday, I will post a picture of myself every Friday (taken that Friday) and by 2013, I’ll get to see how much I’ve changed over the year!  I think that’s a really fun idea.  So I’m happy to be getting that going this Friday.

Moving onto Movie Reviews!  I will do 3 reviews for you right now.  I watched 7 movies this weekend (I know!) but I’m only going to pick a few to review on here since this post is already a bit long.  Then, I will list my four movies to review this month! (There are 4 more Sundays this month!) BY THE WAY: My movie reviews NEVER contain spoilers.

Beauty and the Briefcase

Rated: TV-14

Time Run: 86 Minutes

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Director: Gil Junger

Writer(s): Michael Horowitz & Daniella Brodsky

Starring: Hilary Duff, Jaime Pressly and Jennifer Coolidge

Pros: Funny, sweet, romantic, silly

Cons: A bit confusing, dull, un=realistic scenes, too cliché, annoying credits at the beginning, predictable

My biggest problem: It felt like there really wasn’t a climax in this movie, the whole thing ran a little dull and predictable.

My favorite feature: It definitely was an enjoyable movie, it was pretty silly and girly.  I wouldn’t recommend this to many guys, because it’s a bit too girly.

IMDb’s stars (out of ten): 5.2/10

My stars (out of ten): 3/10


Waiting For Forever

Rated: PG-13

Time Run: 95 Minutes

Genre: Drama/Romance

Director: James Keach

writer(s): Steve Adams

Starring: Rachel Bilson, Tom Sturridge and Richard Jenkins

Pros: Beginning was intense and sad (amazing), main character boy is cute, touching, intense, heart breaking, spirit lifting, made me cry several times

Cons: None.

My biggest problem: The ending didn’t fall short, but I did feel like it needed a bit more to it still.

My favorite feature: It was just a very unique and touching movie, it moved me a lot and brought me to tears over five different times.  It is in fact my favorite movie now.

IMDb’s stars (out of ten): 6/10

My stars (out of ten): 10/10


The Others

Rated: PG-13

Time Run: 101 Minutes

Genre: Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Director: Alejandro Amenabar

Writer(s): Alejandro Amenabar

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston and Fionnula Flanagan

Pros: Unexpected ending, suspenseful

Cons: Lighting too dark, drawn out

My biggest problem: I really dislike movies with really dark settings because it makes me feel like I can’t see what’s going on- even though in “dark setting movies” you can see what’s happening.  It just gives me a headache and frustrates me.  Almost this entire movie was in a very dark setting.

My favorite feature: The ending was very unexpected and surprised me.

IMDb’s stars (out of ten): 7.7/10

My stars (out of ten): 6/10


Now, my list of four movies to watch and review this month!

  1. Mao’s Last Dancer
  2. Never Been Kissed
  3. Meet the Parents
  4. Dandelion

That’s all for today!  See you!