Heyyyyy. Long time no blog but I’ve needed a break!

I am announcing a small goal of mine for the week! For five days straight, starting tomorrow, I am going to wake up at 5AM everyday and do 30 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes of any exercise I feel like. So, this will continue until Friday, the 21st, when I will let myself sleep in a bit for doing well.

I think this challenge will be hard for me for 3 reasons.

1- I am not a morning person. I get all of my energy at night (most days) and in the morning, I usually crawl out of bed with minimal time to get ready before I have to be somewhere. I’m interested to see if when I finish the challenge on Thursday, if Friday morning my body accepts my offer to sleep in, or if it will wake up early again because it’s gotten used to it!

2- I get scared in the morning. I know this sounds stupid, but being the first person awake in my house scares me. For some reason I just get startled by everything and have psycho thoughts about killers being in my house! It’s really ridiculous, but this actually holds me back from getting out of bed until someone else does first every morning.

3- I’m bad at sticking to things. So this might be hard to actually stick with, but at least it’s only 5 days! That’s a very short amount of time and so I think that I have a real chance at completing my goal!

Wish me luck everyone. I think this will be a fun little adventure for me and I am going to really try my best!

Change of plans!

I’m sorry I’ve always been all over the place with my blog! With everything else in my life schedules and organization keep me sane and on track. However with my blog, every time I make a schedule I feel pressured and end up giving up! I’m no longer going to blog on Mondays and Thursdays; I’m going to blog once a week (most weeks) on whatever day works for me. I love blogging but the schedule thing just doesn’t work for some reason!

Lately I’ve been just trying to get everything in my life together and organized. I think tomorrow I might do a post with some photos of my most recent manicures, but don’t hold me to that!

I hope to have a great, fun filled post too, and sorry for my consistent blog fails!

January 16 2014

Hi I’m back. 🙂

So this past week I’ve started my new semester and been working and hanging out with Kasey and just having a lot to do. I have done my nails a few times but I haven’t been taking pictures because most of the time it’s been just to slap a color on and not have bare nails. From today on I’ll go back to those habits.

Later today I am going to see Kasey and spend some time with him. He is going to be teaching me one of my favorite songs on guitar because eventually I’d like to be able to play and sing it all on my own.

For workouts I’ve been mixing it up a lot all the time lately. I’ve been doing running and zumba and pilates and good old fashioned pushups and crunches. I have been feeling the need to dance again, so I think I’m going to start incooperating that into my workouts.

I’ve also been reading a new book on patience, it’s really nice. I think when I’m finished with it I might do a little review on here of it!

Well, I’ve got some stuff to do so I’ll see you Monday and let you know how my weekend was! I hope you have such a blessed day!