A few facts about me:

My name is Kate.

I’m still growing and finding who I am. Things change a lot in my world. For now, I am just trying to find my passions.
Here are a few things I do know about myself right now:

I think I want to do nails or writing for a living. Right now I am a cake decorator. I’m in love. My family comes first. Sushi is my favorite food. Britney Spears is and forever has been my idol. I want a Golden puppy really, really badly. I love to workout, paint my nails, spend time with my boyfriend, and shop.

If anyone ever has any questions, ask away. I’m an open book.

A few facts about my blog:

    I am trying out a new blog schedule for now, but I’m not sure how it will go when my next semester of college starts in January. We’ll see how it goes!

Once a week! I’m no longer following a strict schedule!

  • I love feedback and love to be critiqued, so go ahead and leave comments!  Just please try and think about how your comment would make you feel if somebody said it to you before you post it.

I love comments!

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