Heyyyyy. Long time no blog but I’ve needed a break!

I am announcing a small goal of mine for the week! For five days straight, starting tomorrow, I am going to wake up at 5AM everyday and do 30 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes of any exercise I feel like. So, this will continue until Friday, the 21st, when I will let myself sleep in a bit for doing well.

I think this challenge will be hard for me for 3 reasons.

1- I am not a morning person. I get all of my energy at night (most days) and in the morning, I usually crawl out of bed with minimal time to get ready before I have to be somewhere. I’m interested to see if when I finish the challenge on Thursday, if Friday morning my body accepts my offer to sleep in, or if it will wake up early again because it’s gotten used to it!

2- I get scared in the morning. I know this sounds stupid, but being the first person awake in my house scares me. For some reason I just get startled by everything and have psycho thoughts about killers being in my house! It’s really ridiculous, but this actually holds me back from getting out of bed until someone else does first every morning.

3- I’m bad at sticking to things. So this might be hard to actually stick with, but at least it’s only 5 days! That’s a very short amount of time and so I think that I have a real chance at completing my goal!

Wish me luck everyone. I think this will be a fun little adventure for me and I am going to really try my best!