Personal Post!

I haven’t been sleeping well or feeling very rested when I do sleep well, so I’ve decided to start drinking chamomille tea at night and drinking green tea in the morning. I do typically drink coffee in the morning, but I know that tea has the reputation of waking you up and focusing you more than coffee.

I also switched up what I bought for my school lunches for the next two weeks. I’m alternating each day, but twice a week I am having a box of Chinese food. Grocery shopping yesterday, these certain cartons caught my eye and I really wanted to try something new. This brand has frozen cartons of the typical chinese entrees; general tso chicken, pepper beef, etc. It’s directions is to be put in the microwave for 4-5 minutes. I’m not going to even look at the nutritional information… but I sure hope it’s good!

The only other news I have is that on my recent shopping trip earlier this past weekend, I bought a lot of new hair products that I’m currently trying out! If I keep up using them often as I already have, I’m thinking of doing a review on a few of them.

Well, till next time!


I’m Back!


I will be back to blogging regularly about my new life experiences and fun hobbies. I wasn’t feeling it for a while, but I miss sharing with my readers.

Today I repainted my nails. I’ve been really into painting them for a few months now; I’ve gotten into nail art, too. Today was just a simple paint job with my Seche Vite base coat, Dreamer by Revlon, and my Sechie Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (Photo above). I really love it! I want to invest in some more bright and daring colors for spring and summer.

Till next time!