Personal Post!

Happy Monday! 🙂 I guess I’ll just start with a basic update!

I’m on summer break right now, I got out of school on the 6th.  My plans for this summer consist of working, working and working!  I am taking a digital photography class online but other than that, I have nothing to do.  Speaking of working, I have a new job that I start this Thursday!

I do have some disappointing news.  Tomorrow at 9am I am getting my wisdom teeth removed.  Luckily I only have two!  However, I am still very, very nervous.  So stay tuned for Friday post for a picture that will include my puffy cheeks no doubt, and also an update on how the surgery went.  I will be sedated, so that’s good.  I’m still scared.  Very, very scared!  It has to happen to everyone sometime, though.  Better to get it done early in life I guess.

I have a goal!  Next year I am going to get a 4.0.  I am devoting myself to school because it’s what’s important.  I really want to achieve this goal to prove a point to myself.  So that’ll sure be a challenge!  I really think I need to make a few goals for this summer too, though.  Maybe next week I’ll include a Summer Bucket List in Monday’s personal post.

My goals for this week are just to survive and take it slow.  With the surgery and then starting work two days later, I just need to relax.  So hopefully that will ensure no reason not to blog! 😉

See you Wednesday for favorite song of the week. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Personal Post!

  1. Got my wisdom teeth pulled like 2 years ago. Super easy, painless. Took two Vicodin and played video games all day, fell asleep, changed the bandages a few times and like 24 hours later it was all done. Super easy, dont worry 🙂

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