Movie Review

This week’s movie was Mao’s Last Dancer.  Here’s my review on it!

My reviews never contain spoilers.

Mao’s Last Dancer

Rated: PG

Time Run: 117 Minutes

Genre: Biography/Drama/Music

Director: Bruce Beresford

Writer(s): Jan Sardi and Cunxin Li

Starring: Chi Cao, Bruce Greenwood and Kyle MacLachlan

Pros: Interesting dance, unique twist, a little entertaining

Cons: Boring, drawn out, confusing, lighting too dark

My Biggest Problem: My biggest problem with this movie is although the plot is a bit interesting, I only found the dancing entertaining.  The story was a bit too confusing yet boring and drawn out for me to follow so I just enjoyed watching the ballet.

My Favorite Feature: My favorite part was either the dancing in general or the way that they showed Chinese ballet students being trained.  I don’t know if it’s really how it happens, but it struck as interesting to me.  It reminded me a little of German ballet training, but even more strict.

IMDb’s Stars (out of ten): 7.2/10

My Stars (out of ten): 5/10

If you would like to see anything else in my movie reviews or even have a movie you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments!

See you tomorrow.


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