Personal Post!


Today was a very good day.  I got four assignments done for a certain class (on a good day I can get two done) and also finished another class!  I just have to take that class’s final.  I’m not looking forward to that.  I also drank over 8 glasses of water!  Yay for me!

Yesterday I promised you pictures from Mo’s party!  I’m just going to put my favorites on here, but you can find all of the photos on the Facebook page for my photography. Click on any of the photos for increased quality and larger size.


“Happy birthday to you…”

Beautiful birthday girl.


The three kiddos at the party.  There were also 7 or 8 adults there, too.  Didn’t photograph them, though.

The party was pretty fun.  I really enjoyed seeing Mo attack the cake!  Did I mention she got it on the dining room walls? HAHA!

On another note, I’m going for a run tomorrow morning.  I’m quite nervous.  I haven’t gone running in a long time and to be honest I haven’t exercised in over a week… *hangs head* I made a new schedule for myself for 20 weeks.  Over those 20 weeks I’m going to increase how much I run everyday (well, every day that I run) and end up running a half marathon!  On my own… not for an actual half marathon.  I know running is really good for you though, and I want it to be a part of my regular fitness routine.  I’m going to do this.  I have tried so many times before to get back into running but I always give up.  This time I will do it. I can do it!  I’m a new person this year and I don’t give up anymore. 🙂 Tehe.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I have to say today, there’s not too much news over here.  See you Wednesday for my favorite song of the week!


2 thoughts on “Personal Post!

  1. Good luck with your running! I love to run and have ran several minis and one marathon. You can do it if you really put your mind to it. I also find that it helps to run with friends…it keeps me on track. Happy New Year! 😀

  2. Thank you, Christina!! 🙂 I have to postpone it because it’s too dark in the morning and I don’t really have any other time to do it during the day until I rework my schedule. But I’m excited to get started! I think I will try to run with friends once I get back into it a bit more because I don’t want to hold anyone back. Happy New Year! 🙂

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